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Duration: 15 days (May 27 to June 15 2019)

Background and Justification

Park rangers[1] are known to undertake one of the most dangerous works in the field of conservation working to protect the earth’s outstanding animal species. Increased militarization and commercial poaching is often characterized as a criminal industry of poaching and illegal wildlife trade greatly amplifies the everyday risks encountered by Rangers. None regardless, they still continue to work in precarious and hazardous conditions across parks. Some attempts have been made by governments and other conservation institutions to better understand rangers working conditions and welfare particularly their regards to their work, their major concerns, challenges, as well as their overall job satisfaction. However, quantitative studies on rangers’ working conditions have been almost non-existent, with far less data available than is the case for most professionals.

It is important to conduct a large and rigorous study of rangers in order to have a quantitative scope of rangers working conditions and welfare. WWF therefore conducted a survey of rangers in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, North China, Southeast Russia and Latin America. The survey was delivered between October 2016 and July 2018 and covered 17 countries with 294 field sites and a comprehensive report titled: *‘‘Rangers Survey Global Report**”* was produced.

The first ever report on this survey was published in October 2018 with key recommendations. In addition to producing interesting statistics, it ignited states, conservation organizations and the international community to both understand the urgent need to significant improvements of ranger’s welfare, taking into consideration the complexities faced by these rangers who are at the forefront of the struggle to preserve enormous animal species which are largely susceptible to multiple consequences of human activity.

Initially, this report was published only in the English language. This limited the scope of its objective to have a worldwide impact among states and other conservation agencies particularly in Central Africa where most of the countries are French speaking countries. It is important for the report to be translated from English to French in order to make it available in both English and French languages for maximum comprehension and wide spread analysis of the report. It in this context that WWF CCPO seeks to recruit an English to French translator in the framework of the Central Africa Wildlife Crime Programme.

Principal objective of the consultant

Translate the “‘‘Rangers Survey Global Report” from English to French Language.

Major responsibilities

Under the supervision of the WWF Central Africa Wildlife Crime Programme Coordinator, the Consultant will:

  • Translate and proofread as appropriate the Rangers Survey Global Report;
  • Incorporate suggested changes to the translation;
  • Share draft translation with WWF;
  • Facilitate the final edition of the report assuring that all translated data and information are available in the final report;
  • All text, including text contained in figures, boxes, captions, sources and covers requires translation and proofreading;
  • The translator is expected to perform terminology research (Using website and others) to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of translation.
  • The translator is also responsible for ensuring quality and accuracy of the entire document before submitting it back to the supervisor in charge of the project.
  • Any other duty(s) in relation to the objective if need be.

**Outputs/deliverable of performance**- A translated global report including all text that requires translation;- A draft report of the translation;

Required profile

  • A Master’s Degree in translation or closely related field;
  • Experience in translating issues related to law enforcement support, rangers work or related field;
  • Outstanding translation and editing skills in English and French;
  • Demonstrated understanding of technical terms and terminology used in areas of rangers work and protected area management;

Skills and abilities

  • Good knowledge of law enforcement rangers, their profile and working mechanism;
  • Fluency in English and French in order to be able to do proper translation of the report;
  • Demonstrate effective organizational skills and ability to handle work in an efficient and timely manner;
  • Fully proficient in computer skills.

Required service and time frame

Approximately 71 pages (to be translated from English to French) within the period of 15 days.

[1] Ranger is a collective term used to describe wildlife wardens, forest guards, foresters, scouts, watchers and other frontline staff. They are involved in practical protection and preservation of wild areas, historical and cultural sites. Moreover, they provide recreational opportunities and interpretation of sites, while providing links between local communities and protected areas.


Expression of Interest

All candidates interested in carrying out this assignment on a consultant basis should submit in ONE MAIL ONLY a detailed technical and financial proposal including:

  • Comments demonstrating the understanding of the Terms of Reference;
  • A curriculum vitae detailing his/her experience in relation to the nature of the consultancy;
  • A clear statement describing why the consultant is a suitable candidate;
  • Work plan and budget
  • copies of administrative documents
  • registration, taxpayer’s card, certificate of non-indebtedness (attestation de non redevance) to tax authority

All applications should be sent to [email protected] and subject should read “Translation of RSGR” not later than 20th May 2019.



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