Looking for Two (02) Livelihood Fields Animators

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Looking for Two (02) Livelihood Fields Animators



Location: Garoua, Cameroon

Company: Plan International

The Organisation
Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.
We believe in the power and potential of every child. But this is often suppressed by poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination. And it’s girls who are most affected.
Working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners, we strive for a just world, tackling the root causes of the challenges facing girls and all vulnerable children.
We support children’s rights from birth until they reach adulthood. And we enable children to prepare for – and respond to – crises and adversity. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels using our reach, experience and knowledge.
We have been building powerful partnerships for children for over 80 years, and are now active in more than 70 countries.


Title: Livelihood Field Animator 
Number of Positions : 02
Functional Area:   Programs
Reports to: ivelihood Technical Officer
Location: Garoua Program Influencing & Implementation Area

Travel required:    Work intensively in the field: The Livelihood Field Animator will spend at least 80% of his/her time in the field mainly in the implementation and monitoring of GEJ activities and secondarily in the monitoring of economic empowerment activities
Grade: Service Provider


The Livelihood Field Animator (LFA) ensures the implementation, monitoring and reporting of Youth Savings Groups (YSGs) activities within the framework of the Plan for Girls project. He/she accompanies the YSGs in the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) approach within the communities were the project is being implemented, notably Ngong and Lagdo.
He/she is the primary interface between existing YSGs in the communities and the project management team in Garoua and provides efficient and effective responses to project beneficiaries.
He/she accompanies YSGs towards economically sustainable options and the creation of microenterprises in line with the Plan for Girls project’s aim to contribute to the self-determination, independence and economic development of young people and especially young girls.


•    The Livelihood Field Animator is responsible for the implementation, monitoring and reporting of GEJ activities within the communities, paying particular attention to livelihood activities that the project implements in his/her area of jurisdiction.
•    The Livelihood Field Animator will represent Plan International Cameroon in relevant platforms related to savings and entrepreneurship issues and will work in close collaboration with administrative and traditional authorities, religious leaders, opinion leaders, humanitarian and development organizations in his/her area of jurisdiction.


•    Implementation, monitoring and supervision of YSGs activities;
•    Mobilise target communities to inform and sensitise them about the project activities;
•    Ensure that the selection of beneficiaries is done in a transparent manner and in strict compliance with the selection criteria defined by the donor;
•    Plan and coordinate jointly with the State’s Technical Services, all the activities of the YSGs, including training, supervision and support for the legalization of the YSGs;
•    Provide the YSGs and therefore the beneficiaries with the necessary training, guidance and support to better understand the requirements of the programme in order to achieve the objectives within the given timeframe;
•    Implementing the programme, regularly evaluating and documenting progress towards achieving the set objectives;
•    Supervise all monetary transaction procedures carried out by YSGs members, including borrowing/ lending to avoid diversion of group funds;
•    Ensure the acquisition and proper use of equipment made available to the groups in his/her area of assignment;
•    Report any problems encountered in the field such as participant complaints, interference from local authorities and security threats and/or problems;
•    Follow up on incidents and security problems reported in the area of intervention
•    Produce the necessary documents relating to YSGs activities to ensure transparency vis-à-vis the donor;
•    Manage the administrative procedures directly related to YSGs activities: legalisation of YSGs, partnership with the State’s technical services;
•    Contribute to the identification of trades with high employment potential for young people with the support of the State’s technical services and on the basis of studies on the Region’s economy;
•    Participate in orientation sessions for young people in the choice of their promising trade with the support of the State’s technical services;
•    Define, with the support of the State’s technical services and the beneficiary youth groups, the integration kits necessary for the start-up of their activity;
•    Monitor, with the support of the State’s technical services, the progress of the YSGs and their support for the Youth Village Savings and Loans Association (YVSLA) methodology;
•    Supervise with the technical services of the State the socio-economic and entrepreneurial integration of the YSGs and ensure that their activities take off effectively;
•    Organise, with the State’s technical services, and supervise the development and support of the EYGs on the themes of social cohesion and community life;
•    Carry out any tasks related to the livelihoods and empowerment activity that his or her hierarchy may entrust to him or her.

Ensures that Plan International’s global policies for Child Protection (CPP) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI) are fully embedded in accordance with the principles and requirements of the policy including relevant Implementation Standards and Guidelines as applicable to their area of responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring staff and associates are aware of and understand their responsibilities under these policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), their relevance to their area of work, and that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.


•    Livelihood Technical Officer–high
•    Project staff – high
•    Garoua Office staffs – high
•    Plan staff in other offices – low


•    LNGO – High
•    Partners – High
•    Sub-divisional Delegations– High
•    Adolescents – Medium



•    BachelorDegree in a relevant field of rural and community development (sociology, anthropology, geography, agronomy, environment, socio-economics etc.) or holder of a Baccalaureate or equivalent diploma with at least 5 years’ experience in a similar position;
•    At least 03 years’ experience in working specifically with savings groups;
•    Mastery of the different stages of the VSLA methodology;
•    Demonstrated ability of timely and effective delivery of project activities and other outputs (reports, etc.)
•    Commitment to safeguarding, gender equality and participation;
•    Ability to work independently and as a team player who demonstrates leadership;
•    Able to work within disaster affected communities in a sensitive and participatory manner;
•    Ability to operate effectively under extreme circumstances including stress, high security risks and harsh living conditions.
•    Well-developed written and oral communication skills in both French and English.
•    Works with trustworthiness and integrity and has a clear commitment to Plan’s core values and humanitarian principles.

•    Experience in the North of Cameroon is an asset;
•    Knowledge of local languages in the target area (Fulfude, Ndourou, Toupouri, Massa, etc);
•    Ability to work in multidisciplinary, multicultural and multilingual teams;
•    Knowledge of computer tools (Word, Excel, email);
•    Valid driving license A and ability to drive motorbikes;
•    Experience in civil society or in the NGO sector.

We are open and accountable
1.    Promotes a culture of openness and transparency, including with sponsors and donors.
2.    Holds self and others accountable to achieve the highest standards of integrity.
3.    Consistent and fair in the treatment of people.
4.    Open about mistakes and keen to learn from them.
5.    Accountable for ensuring we are a safe organisation for all children, girls & young people

We strive for lasting impact
1.    Articulates a clear purpose for staff and sets high expectations.
2.    Creates a climate of continuous improvement, open to challenge and new ideas.
3.    Focuses resources to drive change and maximise long-term impact, responsive to changed priorities or crises.
4.    Evidence-based and evaluates effectiveness.

We work well together

1.    Seeks constructive outcomes, listens to others, willing to compromise when appropriate.
2.    Builds constructive relationships across Plan International to support our shared goals.
3.    Develops trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships with funders, partners and communities.
4.    Engages and works well with others outside the organization to build a better world for girls and all children.

We are inclusive and empowering
5.    Seeks constructive outcomes, listens to others, willing to compromise when appropriate.
6.    Builds constructive relationships across Plan International to support our shared goals.
7.    Develops trusting and ‘win-win’ relationships with funders, partners and communities.
8.    Engages and works well with others outside the organization to build a better world for girls and all children.


[In this section, state “typical office environment”, or conditions such as “must work outside in an extremely hot and humid climate”. Also note if any protective equipment is required.]

•    Intensive fieldwork: The Livelihood Field Animator will spend at least 80% of his/her time in the field mainly in the implementation and monitoring of GEJ activities and secondarily in the monitoring of economic empowerment activities;
•    Intense periods of work at all times of the day;
•    Working in multiple locations and on the move;
•    The work requires intense interventions in the field, in areas often at risk (of flooding, kidnapping etc…). This requires caution, vigilance and respect for safety instructions;
•    He/she should work under pressure and accept travel and stay in often austere areas.


[Please delete as applicable]

Mid contact: Frequent interaction with adolescents
Location: Garoua
Closing Date: 14th September 2021

Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the very heart of everything that Plan International stands for.

we want Plan International to reflect the diversity of the communities we work with, offering equal opportunities to everyone regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.
Plan International is based on a culture of inclusivity and we strive to create a workplace environment that ensures every team, in every office, in every country, is rich in diverse people, thoughts, and ideas.
We foster an organisational culture that embraces our commitment to racial justice, gender equality, girls’ rights and inclusion.
Plan International believes that in a world where children face so many threats of harm, it is our duty to ensure that we, as an organisation, do everything we can to keep children safe. This means that we have particular responsibilities to children that we come into contact with and we must not contribute in any way to harming or placing children at risk.

a range of pre-employment checks will be undertaken in conformity with Plan International’s Safeguarding Children and Young People policy. Plan International also participates in the Inter Agency Misconduct Disclosure Scheme. In line with this scheme we will request information from applicants previous employers about any findings of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment during employment, or incidents under investigation when the applicant left employment. By submitting an application, the job applicant confirms their understanding of these recruitment procedures.




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