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Graduate Trainee Accountant



Are you a young graduate? Or do you already have an HND, Bsc, or Master’s degree and lack the required experience or skills to secure your dream accounting job? If so, then you can apply as a ‘Young Graduate Trainee’ (YGT) of BlueMOON Outsourcing & Consulting Ltd. This high-calibre program lasts for one year and gives successful applicants an opportunity to gain valuable experience in their respective fields of interest and eventual employment or placement.

BlueMOON Outsourcing & Consulting Company – One of the leading Business Process Outsourcing Company in Cameroon is Looking for fresh graduates/postgraduates willing to work for a fast-growing company with more than 200 clients with a passion for a career in Accounting/Business intelligence/ finance. The selected candidates(s) will receive free six months – one-year training/mentoring and eventually be recruited as employees of BlueMOON or partner institutions or better still must have gained enough skills and experience to find a job just anywhere.

The selected candidates(s) will gain practical experience in various aspects of accounting/finance including but not limited to:


• Calculating tax and CNPS in line with the Cameroon Tax code and effecting declaration

• Performing bookkeeping, preparing journal entries, working with various softwares

• Updating account receivable and issue invoice

• Assisting in the preparation of financial reports such as financial statements and budget performance

• Assisting in financial and tax audits and general ledger preparation

• Assisting in the preparation of auditing proposals, prepared by clients, auditing reports for both internal and external audits for various clients

• Developing monthly financial statements that include cash flow, profit and loss statements and balance sheets

• Reconciling bank statements with books of accounts.

• Managing cash for other Client account managed by BlueMOON

• Performing other duties as assigned by the hierarchy


During the training period, transport and duty allowances would be given based on performance and applicants’ aptitude and attitude, ranging from 10,000fcfa – 50,000fcfa, after which permanent fixed salary employment might be offered. company standard fixed salary-based appointment would follow for deserving candidates.


For the current intake, 4 graduates will be recruited.  Successful applicants will be expected to begin the Graduate Trainee Program before the end of June 2021.



• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related field

• Own a laptop

• Strong numerical/ analytical skills

• Understanding of mathematics and accounting and financial processes.

• Ethical behaviour.

• Attention to detail.

• Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite


The latest date of application is June 1,2021


Please apply by clicking on the following link:




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