Logistics Supervisor Hospital Needed

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Logistics Supervisor Hospital Needed – (ref: LSH210716)



Doctors Without Borders (DWB) is an international non-governmental medical association providing assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict irrespective of race, religion, creed or political convictions. We observe neutrality and impartiality in the name of universal medical ethics and the right to humanitarian assistance and claim full and unhindered freedom in the exercise of our functions.

Related with our activities we are looking for a Logistics Supervisor Hospital

Working locations: Mamfe District Hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders

Type of contract: Fixed Term 6 months

Salary: According to the organisation´s Salary Grid – Level 6


Main purpose

Supervising the daily logistics activities and providing maintenance to the DWB equipment, facilities and infrastructures, according to DWB standards and protocols in order to maintain the facilities in perfect conditions and collaborate in the development of the mission.

Oversee the day-to-day logistics activities at the DH in Mamfe and ensure the maintenance of equipment, facilities and infrastructure of the DH in accordance with DWB protocols in order to keep the facilities in top condition and to participate in the development of the project.

As logistics manager at the hospital, he will ensure the proper functioning of the following services: supply management, energy, WASH, Cold chain, Biomed and general maintenance of the DH and safety, maintenance of premises and work of hygienists.


Accountabilities and Tasks

Supervisory tasks:

  • Supervising the MoH and DWB hygienist staff in MDH, ensure that DWB standards are accomplished and well followed.
  • Follow up and ensure that all tasks are accomplished by cleaners/hygienist, chlorinators and laundry teams.
  • Participate, as required, with tasks related to hygiene, supply and logistics within MDH and DWB interventions.
  • Evaluates the logistics needs in MDH and prepare the needed documents for issuing, donating or reporting.
  • Responsible of the logistics activities in the the hospital and sometimes supporting the outreach and base activities (watsan, IPC, small constructions, electrical works, movements and any other included in the logistic family).
  • Prepare and carry on trainings related to Watsan, IPC or any other needed related with logistic familiy.
  • Support the IPC on the achievement IPC standards, plan implementation and trainings.



  • Closely coordinate with the Log Base for the weekly movements to prepare any movement needed.



  • Updating all the inventories including all the material/equipment belonging to DWB in the hospital.
  • Keep the consumables stock cards updated.
  • With support from the Storekeeper and Supply Officer, ensure the proper management of the hospital consumables.



  • Ensure materials and equipment are properly distributed to MDH
  • Communicate effectively with the Supply team for required materials
  • Prepares the monthly consumption of hygine materials and stationary for the hospital.


WATSAN / Hygiene:

  • Ensure all the areas supported by DWB are kept in a clean and hygienic condition according to DWB standards.
  • Ensure all proper hygiene protocols are accomplished within MDH.
  • Ensure that Watsan equipment and materials for the MDH are well maintained, well managed and organized.
  • Implementation of procedures for waste segregation and destruction according to DWB protocols.
  • Ensure proper management (storage and destruction) of hazardous waste (burned oil, used oil filters, printer cartridges, etc.)
  • Involve in the quality of service for the patient’s food, following of complains and regular meeting with the providers to ensure good cooking and hygiene practices are followed.


Infection control:

  • Monitor infection control activities in MDH together with the IPC supervisor.
  • Ensure right use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while DWB staff is on duty
  • Report any professional exposure to his/her supervisor



Rehabilitation/Construction/Maintenance of facilities:

  • Carry out small renovations related to plumbing, carpentry, electricity, painting, etc. in the hospital and perform other fumigation-related tasks according to DWB protocols.



  • Closely coordinate with the Logistics Team Leader (LTL) for context and security follow up.
  • Mapping/layout of all MDH facilities, creation and update.
  • Support organizing the crowd control when is needed.




  • Follow up of the running hours for the DWB and MDH generators.
  • Follow up of the fuel consumption for the DWB and MDH generators, reporting to the line manager in case of any abnormal situation.
  • Ensure that all maintenances, regulars and non-regulars, are performed on time.
  • Ensure proper generator’s refilling of fuel.
  • Ensure the cleanlines of the generator’s house.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the A/C in the hospital in the supported areas by DWB
  • Carry out and supervise the installation and maintenance of electrical and other energy systems in accordance with DWB technical standards and procedures, in order to ensure quality and safety.


Cold Chain:

  • Ensure tha all the cold chain equipment has in place the monitoring tools.
  • Together with the Pharmacy team ensure that all the temperatures in the rooms, fridges, freezers, are recordered acording to DWB guidelines and reported at least once per month.
  • Perform basic cold chain equipment maintenance together with the Pharmacy team.


Responsible for supervising activities as:

  • Chlorination – Managing chlorine supply for chlorinators, monitoring chlorine and water use, supervising preparation of chlorine solutions, testing chlorine solutions and water chlorination, managing water distribution
  • Laundry and cleaning – Ensuring staff understand and follow the DWB disinfection protocols
  • Training – Monitoring and refreshing trainings of all staff involved in IPC/Watsan
  • Staff and HR – Ensure staff attendance and adherence to protocols and report any issues to the LTL and or Logistics Manager.
  • Regular checkup of oxygen cylinder’s levels backups.
  • Support the Logistics Manager in any activity needed and/or required.


Maintenance of WATSAN/Biomed Equipment and Materials in MDH

  • Ensure smooth running of the chlorine station and ETC plumbing, and arrange maintenance as required
  • Ensure maintenance of other equipment – cleaning equipment, hand washing stations etc.
  • Make little reparations.
  • Ensure reusable PPE is correctly cleaned and maintained and replaced as necessary.


The employee may be required to perform other tasks, take on other responsibilities, and work in other locations, depending on the needs of the project/mission.


Required Competences

Education                          Essential diploma or recognized formal training in the assigned technical area.

Experience                        Previous experience as a logistician desirable. At least one year of experience with DWB or two years in a similar job outside DWB

Languages                        Essential mission language and local language.

Knowledge                       Basic mathematics and use of measuring devices

Computer skills (Word, Excel) desirable

Ability to make basic repairs desirable.

Knowledge in mechanics, electricity, Watsan and Biomedical / cold chain equipment desirable.

Competencies                  Results and Quality Orientation, Teamwork and Cooperation, Behavioral Flexibility, Commitment to DWB Principles, Service Orientation, Stress Management


All applications (CV, cover letter, diplomas, working certificates, telephone number, etc.) must be sent by email to the following address msfe-cameroon-recruitment@barcelona.msf.org mentioning on the subject: LOGISTICS SUPERVISOR HOSPITAL- LSH210716 or else be submitted at Office of DWB in Buea, Kumba or Mamfe in a sealed envelope mentioning LOGISTICS SUPERVISOR HOSPITAL- LSH210716 for the attention of Doctors Without Borders HR department.


Deadline for the reception of applications : Saturday 31st of July 2021

NB: No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Application documents are non-returnable; please do not submit original documents. Writing tests will be done in our offices after the selection of the applications, interviews will take place in Mamfe.

* All recruitment processes in DWB are free of charge




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