Groupe Cible RH is hiring a DRILLERS

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Groupe Cible RH is hiring a DRILLERS

Publiée : 20 juin, 2020

Domaine de l’offre : OIL & GAS   Lieu : ZONE CEMAC

Type de l’offre : Full Time

Référence :  CA-RH-018-04-20 _ Contrat typ – CDI  Speciality : Driller/ Assistant driller  Oil and gas

Localisation géographique : Douala, Littoral, CM ; Publication : 20-06-19


Company in the hydrocarbon sector, with a long experience as an international specialist in offshore and onshore oil drilling


–             Managing the setting up and taking down of the oil rigs

–             Adhering to the environmental norms and government policies ensuring the maintaining of the ecological balance

–             Updating the seniors within the hiring company on the progress at the oil rigs

–             Ensuring that the crewmembers adhere to the safety guidelines and precautionary measures as outlined by the authorities

–             Supervising the drilling personnel and overseeing the drilling process and equipment.

Oil Rig Driller Job Description and Profile :

Several large exploration companies set up oil rigs to extract crude oil and natural gas from the deeper layers of earth. The oil rig driller job profile includes setting up and operating several types of rigs to extract oil and gas from the underground. Additionally the profile includes extracting samples to test during the exploration process. The oil rig driller is directly responsible for controlling the drilling rate. He or she provides the instructions to the assistant driller who in turn communicates the directions to the roughnecks. An important aspect of the oil rig drillers’ job profile is ensuring that the crew adopts the necessary safety precautions while the exploration is in progress;

job profile :

  • A high school degree or an equivalent diploma is necessary to procure the position of an oil rig driller (Iwfc level 2 minimum). Training in mechanical knowledge including the uses, repairs, and maintenance of machinery and tools is preferred by employers. Qualifications providing an understanding in arithmetical, geometrical, calculus, and statistical calculations are necessary for individuals who aspire to become oil rig drillers. An additional training providing business administration skills is useful for success in this job ;
  • Strong analytical skills ;
  • An orientation for details ;
  • Excellent problem solving capabilities ;
  • Operational controls ;
  • Monitoring the performance of other members ;
  • Understanding instructions and providing instructions.

Application files (cover letter and detailed curriculum vitae) are received via this page. Indicate your acquired certifications.

Deadline: June 24, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Click here to apply.



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