ExxonMobil Corporation is looking for a Human Resources (HR) Analyst

négociable Expires in 4 semaines


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ExxonMobil Corporation is looking for a Human Resources (HR) Analyst



2021CMH – Human Resources (HR) Analyst

Location:  Douala, LT, CM
Company:  COTCO

Job Role Summary
The HR Analyst receives guidance from the Human Resources Manager. The primary assignment relates to provide support to the following:
•    HR Systems : administration of HR systems, databases and related controls catalogs (SAP, SharePoint , MS Excel databases)
•    Compensation: administration of Compensation in line with company principle.
•    Vendor Management: administration of HR contracts safely and cost effectively.
•    Payroll consulting: act as payroll interface with all payroll stakeholders
•    HR projects : ready to handle any project assignment

The work location is Douala with occasional trips to COTCO remote sites.
Expected Level of Proficiency
Ideal candidate should have a strong knowledge of database administration and a proven work experience in human resources position or projects.
Educational: Minimum bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Professional experience and knowledge required:
–    Good knowledge of SAP
–    Good knowledge of Database Administration with Microsoft Excel
–    Knowledge of data analytics tools, including Power BI
–    Good knowledge of SharePoint platform
–    Knowledge of cost and contract management
–    Proven experience in human resources management processes
Skills and attributes required:
–    Good communication and teamwork skills;
–    Very strong analytical capabilities;
–    Excellent customer relations;
–    Good problem solving and critical thinking skills;
–    Ability to effectively work under pressure with no supervision;

Alternate Location:  

S.A. avec Conseil d’Administration au capital de 67 855 300 dollars américains.
164 Rue Toyota (Rue 1.239) Bonapriso,
B. P. 3738 Douala, Cameroun,
R.C. /DLA/1997/B/018521,
Numéro de contribuable : M 089700006137L, Tel : (237) 2 33 50 28 00 / 2 33 42 62 12 / 2 33 42 76 01 / 2 33 42 76 03,
Fax : (237) 2 33 42 95 96 / 2 33 50 28 42

Job Segment: Consulting, ERP, Computer Science, Developer, Database, Technology
All applications must be submitted ONLINE at : https://jobs.exxonmobil.com/job/Douala-2021CMH-Human-Resources-%28HR%29-Analyst-LT/784346500/



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